4x4 accepts submissions from students of any of the four Columbia University undergraduate schools (CC, GS, BC, SEAS) until midway through the spring semester. We welcome all genres of writing, including, but not limited to, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, translations, letters, and comic strips.  We expect to publish in the spring no later than the last day of classes.  Click the link below to submit up to five pieces of poetry or up to fifteen pages (double-spaced) of prose. Feel free to submit any combination of genres so long as your submission does not exceed five separate pieces or 25 total pages. Please ensure that all of your submissions are in one document, even if you have multiple pieces; indicate that you are submitting separate poems in the provided form instead of attaching many documents.   The editorial board reads all submissions blind. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THE UPLOADED FILE, INCLUDING THE TITLE AND HEADER. In the title line, please put the title of the first piece you are submitting (or the first few words of the title) first and then the number of pieces in your submission, for example, "Title (3)". If your name appears anywhere on the uploaded file, we cannot consider it for publication.  Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.  By submitting, you are agreeing to these terms: All rights are reserved and revert to authors and artists upon completion of the publication period, which terminates one year after publication date of the magazine.